Emergency brake cable relocation

During the restoration of my G2M10 Flexi Gipsy I repositioned the emergency brake cables to the forward side of the rear brake. I copied this design from my G4M10 Flexi Gipsy. This puts the brake cables up out of harms way instead of hanging down at the back of the brake assembly. Plus it shortens the cable length and helps take some of the stretch out of the system.


These two photos show the brake cable routing that was used on the G1 and G2 Gipsys. Over the years I found that the cables were susceptable to being caught on things while off road. Also being at the back of the arm they were subjected to a lot of movement.


These two photos show the routing of the cables on a later G4 model Gipsy, the cables are ahead of the axle so there is less cable stretch and less movement up and down on rough roads.


These photos show the measurements that I used for drilling the holes in the arm on my G2 Gipsy, the center of the hole is exactly 5" back from the center of the rearward most flexitor mounting hole. And exactly 3" measured down from the suspension bump stop.